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Noy Wine Brandy Vodka Factory

Noy Wine Brandy Vodka Factory

Yerevan Noy Wine Factory, officially known as Yerevan Noy Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory or simply "Noy", is…

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Dvin was a large commercial city and the capital of early medieval Armenia. It was…

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Victory Park

Victory Park

Victory Park is a city park located in Kanaker-Zeytun district of Yerevan. The park is…

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Shaki Waterfall

Shaki Waterfall is located in the Syunik Region which is a leading tourist destination in Armenia. The magic of nature has played an immense role in lives of people inspiring them to go into writing, composing, some others into art. Read more >>

Lake Parz

The Armenian word “Parz” is translated into English as “Clear”.For being hidden deep in the forest with a narrow path leading to it, it’s not always practical to visit the lake because of the weather. Read more >>

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is located in the region of Gegharkunik. It is one of the highest sweet-water lakes in the world with 19,000 meters high from the sea-level. The lake occupies an area that makes 5% of Armenia.Hrazdan is the only river flowing out from Lake Sevan. Read more >>

Garni Canyon

In the Canyon near Garni village, you will find impressive basalt monuments that have obtained their name as Symphony of Stones that are included in Khosrove State Reserve in Kotayk Region that is one of the most visited sites in Armenia. Read more >>