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Sardarapat Ethnography Museum

Sardarapat Ethnography Museum

The Sardarapat Ethnography and Liberation Movement History Museum, in the Armavir Region, is located of…

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Geghard Cave Monastery

Geghard Cave Monastery

Geghard is one of the most visited sites in Armenia,located in nearby Garni Temple in…

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Sergei Parajanov House-Museum

Sergei Parajanov House-Museum

The Sergej Parajanov Museum is a tribute to one of the greatest figures of 20th-century…

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Aragatsotn Region


Area - 2737 km 2

Population - 168100

Administrative Center - Ashtarak city

Distance from Yerevan to Ashtarak - 20 km

Lakes - Kari Lich, Lessing Lich, Mantsah, Aparan water reserv.

Rivers - Kasakh, Arkashen, Gegharot, Arzni

Highest Mountains - Aragats, Agravakar, Kakavasar

Big Cities - Ashtarak (adm. center), Aparan, Talin, Tsaghkahovit


Popular places and sights - Oshakan village, Amberd fortress, Saghmosavank and Ohanavank churches, Aparan water reservoir, Aragats mount, Byurakan Astrophysical observatory, Agarak settlement, Aruchavank Cathedral, Cathedral of Talin, Saint Gevork Monastery of Mughni, Saint MesropMashtots Cathedral, the churches of Spitakavor, Karmravor, Tsiranavor, Saint Mariane and Saint Sarkis in Ashtarak and many more.  Byurakan is also a place of historical monuments. There are "vishap" stone sculptures of mythical fish - guards of water, spread over slopes of mount Aragats.

Aragatsotn Region is located at the western part of the country and covers an area of 2,756 km². The capital and largest city of the province is the town of Ashtarak. The rural population of the province are 3 times bigger than the urban. Thus, the majority of the population are involved in agriculture, including farming and cattle-breeding. Being a major agricultural region, Aragatsotn contributes with 9.7% in the annual total agricultural product of Armenia.




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