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Goshavank Monastery

Goshavank Monastery

The monastery dates back to 12th-13th century and nowadays it’s a nonfunctioning religious center, regardless…

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Ashtarak Town

Ashtarak Town

The city is endowed with old churches, interesting museums, and some ambitious restaurant,hotel,casino complexes suitable…

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Duduk and its Music

Duduk and its Music

The duduk, the Armenian oboe, is a single or double reed wind instrument made of…

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Armenian Resorts


Tsaghkadzor spa and ski resort town is loacted in the KotaykRegionon the easthern slop of the Mount Teghenis. Tsaghkadzor is 1841 high from the sea level and the sports base is located 6 km north-west of the city. It is a mountain spa town with numerous guest houses, spa resorts and tourist bases.

It's a popular destination for the lovers of active winter holidays both for the loacls and tourists visiting Armenia. 


It is almost impossible to leave Armenia without having a glance at the blue-eyed beauty Sevan. It is one of the highest mountains lakes in the world – 1900 meters high from the sea level. Sevan is a sweet water lake, which means its water is drinkable. There are numerous guest houses, hotels and resorts around Sevan that a favorite place for both the locals and tourists to spend their holidays. People visit Sevan for swimming, fishing and to see some of the cultural and historical landmarks popular among them Sevanavank Monastery and Noratus cemetery of cross-stones.


Jermuk Resort and Spa town is located in the VayotsDzor Region. It is one of the three spa towns in Armenia located 173 km away from Yerevan. Jermuk is surrounded with mountains that reach to 2500-3000 meters high from the sea level an in the south-west there is the wonderful gorge of the Arpa River. The right and left banks of the River Arpaare rich in natural carbonated waters as well as healing springs that contain hydrocarbon-sulphate. There are also 'Nazan' kind of water, healing mud, kvarcit.


Dilijan is a mountain spa and resort center where the first spa center was founded in 1921. Dilijan is located in the Tavush Region on the bank of the Aghstev River. It is 99km away from Yerevan. There are numerous natural springs in Dilijan two out of which are bottled and are among some of the best drinking waters in the world. In 1958 the forests near Dilijan were included in Dilijan National Reserve. Nowadays there are 30 and more spas and resorts in the place.


Aghveran is a mountain resort and spa in the Kotayk Region, included in the Arzakyan village on the southern part of the Buzhakan village. It is located 30 km north from Yerevan at the right bank of the river Hrazdan with 1550 meters high from the sea level. It has been a long time that Agveran is popular for its healthy climate and the picturesque landscape. In Aghvern you will find some of the best spa centers, hotels and guest houses.