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Megerian Carpet Factory

Megerian Carpet Factory

Originally from Armenia, the Megerians established their rug trade business in the United States in…

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Aruch Cathedral

Aruch Cathedral

Aruch Cathedral is one of the treasures of the Armenian medieval architecture (60-70’s of the…

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Ancient Artashat

Ancient Artashat

Artashat is a town in Armenia and the administrative center of the Ararat Region. It…

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Secrets of Armenia

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 Duration-10 days, 9 nights|Archaeological Tour|Meal Plan-HB|Accommodation-4* Hotels|


Archaeological Tour 10 Days from 1032 USD


This unique and exceptional tour will allow you to ‘touch’ the sources of human civilization. Moreover, it may inspire you to re-consider and re-write the history of humankind. The 6000 year old city, discovered in a mountain forest, will open for you its curtains hiding numerous secrets of the past, share with you unique power of healing cosmic energy and, of course, exceptionally beautiful landscape. You will see the world’s oldest observatory Zorats Karer, also called Karahunj, which is about 7500 years old, as well as the ancient “City of Knowledge”, cave cities Goris and Khndzoresk,  magnificent temples and monasteries and most important, the Swinging column (Syun) - the 8th Wonder of the World. This eight meter multi-ton octahedral pillar was constructed using pivoting-base technique, which allows at the mere touch of a human hand to tilt and then return to its initial position. This “Heaven compass” points to the Orion constellation and Sirius star during the days of Navasard (Ancient Armenian New Year on 11th of August).



Day1: Arrival. Free day

Arrival to Yerevan international Airport Zvartnots. Transfer to the hotel. Check in.


Day 2: Yerevan City Tour

Breakfast at the hotel. You will start your tour with panoramic city tour of Yerevan. Along the way you will see the Sports and Concert complex, Kievyan Bridge, Baghramyan Avenue, the Presidential Palace, Academy of Sciences, National Parliament and the Opera House. Also you will visit History Museum and Brandy factory with tasting of 3 types of famous Armenian cognac. Lunch during the tour.Back to the hotel.Dinner at a traditional Armenian Restaurant. Overnight in Yerevan.


Day 3: Yerevan – Echmiatsin – Zvartnots–Metsamor - Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. Start your tour with a visit of Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the first official Christian church in the world, built in 301 A.D. Lunch during the tour. Depart from Etchmiadzin to Zvartonts, 7th Century centrally planned aisled tetra conch type Armenian cathedral built by the order of Catholicos Nerses the Builder from 643-652. Now in ruins. Measurements of energy fields. Then continue the tour to the excavations of Metsamor. An ancient observatory and center of ancient metallurgy, visit the History Museum of Metsamor and the fortress of Argishti Khinili – an amazing stone chronicle.Dinner.Back to the Hotel. Overnight in Yerevan.

Then continue the tour to the excavations of Metsamor. An ancient observatory and center of ancient metallurgy, visit the History Museum of Metsamor and the fortress of Argishti Khinili – an amazing stone chronicle. Dinner. Back to the Hotel. Overnight in Yerevan.


Day 4: Yerevan – Agarak - Garni – Geghard - Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel in Yerevan. Trip to the magnificent complex Agarak - ancient settlement with numerous mysteries and secrets. It is A Prehistoric Plateau, located in the foothills of Mount Aragats (the highest in Armenia) and has a unique energy that has a therapeutic effect on people. Excavations, ancient burial chambers, places of worship. Visit Garni, the only pagan temple in Armenia. Also see the magnificent canyon and organ-like vertical cliffs. Take part at a traditional lavash making ceremony. Lunch during the tour.

Visit a magnificent Christian Monastery Geghard, carved in the rocks. The monastery has an amazing architecture, energy and stunning acoustics. Back to Yerevan. Dinner. Overnight.


Day 5: Yerevan – Dvin – Noravank – Goris 

Breakfast at the hotel in Yerevan, check-out. Depart from Yerevan to Goris (250km far from Yerevan). On the way to Goris visit Pyramid of Dvin discovered by our research group. Continue the trip to Noravank Monastery. Lunch. A magnificent monument of medieval Armenian architecture, surrounded with gorgeous red rocks. An amazing architecture, polygonal masonry walls and dome are continuity of time, eyes on a hanging column in the church, symbols of torsion fields. Arrive Goris. Check in the hotel. Dinner. Overnight in Goris.


Day 6: Goris - Ukhtasar - Goris

Breakfast at the hotel in Goris. Ughtasar Petroglyphs are petroglyphs found in Armenia. There are dozens of rock carvings, known as "Itsagir", found in the territory of Armenia. Reproductions of the petroglyphs, or rock engravings, of Ughtasar can be found all over Yerevan; they are inscribed onto silver jewelry, painted onto coffee cups, traced into hand-made pottery, and they adorn the walls of cafes.

Located in mountain range about 20 miles from Sisian, the petroglyphs can only be accessed by an uphill climb in a Soviet-era 4×4 UAZ (3 hour drive from the highway for round trip). Over 2,000 decorated rock fragments extend to the foot of the mountain. The petro glyphs, some believed to date back to the Paleolithic Era, are carved onto dark brownish-black volcanic stones left behind by an extinct volcano. Although the site was discovered in the early 20th century, it is still not fully understood today. Lunch and dinner. Drive back to hotel. Overnight in Goris.


Day 7: Goris - Khndzoresk – Qarahunj – Goris

Breakfast at the hotel in Goris. Excursion to Khndzoresk. Which is located at a distance of 8 km from Goris. Khndzoresk is widely famous for its canyon with picturesque rock formations and ancient cave settlement. The artificial caves, some of which are currently used as stables and warehouses, used to be inhabited till the 1950s. Then visit the oldest (12000 years old) observatory Zorats Qarer, also called Qarahunj (prototype of Stonehenge).


Day 8: Goris - Tatev Monastery – Ditaket - ‘City of Knowledge’ - Goris 

 Breakfast at the hotel in Goris.Trip to Tatev Monastery by the longest cable car in the world. Here is the 8th Wonder of World, the swinging pole –pointing to the constellation of Orion. There are millions of columns, pillars, obelisks in the world, but only in Tatev a multi-ton pillar can swing at a mere touch of a hand! Using their fundamental knowledge in the field of astronomy, mathematics, physics,chemistry, philosophy, architecture and construction, our ancestors established this unique pillar, where the mysteries of the universe, the mysteries of that time, the secrets of the calendar have been encrypted.

Lunch during the tour in the forest on the edge of deep gorge of breathtaking beauty. On the way back a stop at the observation deck of the river gorge Vorotan. City of Knowedge. Exploration of middle plateau. The ruins of houses, architectural details ancient burial ground. Return to Goris. Dinner. Overnight in Goris.


Day 9: Goris – Vardenyats Pass – Caravanserai – Noratus – Sevan - Erevan

Breakfast at the hotel – check out. On the way cross through Orbelian's Caravanserai, one of the most famous parts of ancient great Silk Roads. You can trace the Silk Road in Armenia by following its caravanserai, or inns; medieval stopping points where caravan riders and their pack animals spent the night.  The Orbelian's Caravanserai in Vardenyats Pass is a valuable example of these inns along the Armenian Silk Road.

Continue to Noratus which is truly considered to be forest of khachkars, displays hundreds of khachkars, the most stunning of which are the so called ''embroidered'' ones typical to the 13th-14th centuries. Transfer to visit Lake Sevan. Which is the second highest fresh water lake in the world (1900 Meters above the sea). The lake is also famous for its peninsula and medieval Sevanavank monastery complex built in 874.You can enjoy the beautiful landscape and crystal water as well as fresh air. Lunch during the tour. Drive back to Yerevan. Check-in to hotel. Farewell Dinner. Overnight.


Day 10: Depart Yerevan.

Free day. Transfer to the airport. Departure.


Rates are quoted in USD per person in DBL sharing and SGL rooms on HB basis:

persons in a group
  • 50
  • 40
  • 30
  • 20
  • 10
  • 1032 USD
  • 1044 USD
  • 1116 USD
  • 1152 USD
  • 1188 USD
  • 1308 USD
  • 1320 USD
  • 1392 USD
  • 1428 USD
  • 1464 USD


Please note: 

This quotation is not a service confirmation. Availability of the hotel will be checked once we receive your confirmation.
Rates are subject to change in case of any important increase in services prices.
During the event season extra price may apply


Rates include:

  • Meet and assist at the airport upon arrival and departure.
  • All transfers in an a/c minivan/mini bus/or coach ( as per Pax number)
  • Accommodation in 4* hotels 9 nights/10 days
  • Meal: HB (9 lunches and 9 dinners included)
  • A permanent guide throughout
  • All entries to sites and museums as per the above outlined
  • Participation of local expert of ancient civilizations Mr. Vazgen Gevorgyan during the whole tour
  • Phone with local sim card for the period of stay for the group leader
  • Water during the tours



Rates do not include:

  • Air tickets
  • Meals on arrival and departure days
  • Alcoholic drinks during meals.
  • Armenian Visa


Armenian Visa Regulations

For information about Armenian Visa you can visit



21-15 days prior to arrival:                                      30% charge

14-7 days prior to arrival:                                        50 % charge

Less than 7 days prior to arrival or no show:             100% charge


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