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Khosrov Forest State Reserve

Khosrov Forest State Reserve

The Khosrov State Reserve has a rich flora with 1800 species of plants which forms…

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Goris is one of the ancient places in Armenia that was settled since Stone Age.…

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The Memorial is a memorial complex to the Battle of Sardarapat located in the village…

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Kotayk Region


Area - 2038 km 2

Population - 328900

Administrative Center - Hrazdan City

Distance from Yerevan to Hrazdan - 50 km

Lakes - Akna Lich

Rivers - Hrazdan, Getar, Marmarik

Highest Mountains - Pambak and Geghama range

Big Cities - Hrazdan (center), Abovyan, Charentsavan, Nor Hachn, Yeghvard, Byureghavan, Tsaghkadzor, Arzni


Popular places and sights - Arzni, Bjni, Hankavan and Tsaghkadzor resort cities, Garni Pagan Temple, Geghard Monastery complex, Erenbuni State Reserve.

The Kotayk Region is situated in the central part of Armenia and has no border with any country. The region is home to many historical monuments with Geghard Monastery Complex (13th century) included in the list of UNESCO Heritage sites. The only standing Pagan Temple in the Caucasus is the Garni Temple (1st century AD) situated in the same name village. During USSR times Kotayk was one of the most industrialized regions of Armenia.



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